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  • kcclForecastBasedPurchasing from Kesry Computer Consultants Limited


    A powerful, flexible and highly configurable alternative to the MYOB EXO Purchasing module that doesn't require a MYOB EXO license.

    Forecast Based Purchasing in MYOB EXO is one its most powerful features but the MYOB EXO version does have a number of constraints and isn't very configurable.

    The kcclForecastbasedPurchasing module was created as an alternative to over come these issues and has the following key advantages

    • The grids used are configurable in that columns can be moved, sorted ,selected and grouped.
    • Many additional columns of valuable data is available to help the user decide on reorder quantities
    • System uses weighted average sales calculations not a simply monthly average which takes into account seasonal trends
    • Calculations of the recommended order quantity can be customised
    • Fully integrates to MYOB EXO using all existing data from standard MYOB EXO tables, stock , groups and suppliers
    • Screen doesn't require an MYOB EXO license as works alongside MYOB EXO but fully integrates with existing data